Faith…. What is Faith?

Trial of Abraham's Faith (engraving by Gustave...

Trial of Abraham’s Faith (engraving by Gustave Doré from the 1865 La Sainte Bible) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want our first discussion to be about Faith.  I find Faith to be a key agent in the beginning of ones walk with Christ.  Remember we are saved by grace through faith.   So here are the questions to be asked and discussed:

Define Faith. (obviously use Hebrews 11:1)  I really want people to expand on their definition.  Try to define it with out using words that are Christianeze.  From the perspective of someone who knows nothing about Christianity and is wanting to learn.

Why is Faith a key base concept in Christianity?

In what way does Faith affect our daily choices?

Please as you talk use Scripture from both the New and Old Testaments and expand on your ideas so that those of us reading them will understand and feel free to get deep into the concept.  The more material there is to work with the better the finished product will be.


2 thoughts on “Faith…. What is Faith?

  1. Randall Jeremiah Post author

    Let me get this started for everyone. We know the concept of breaking faith Deut. 32:51. When we do something we know that would not be representative of someone we are obligated to such as our boss at work, our spouse or our children. An example would be if someone cheated on their spouse there is an understanding that once we make someone our spouse we will be faithful to them no matter what. Sometimes I find it helps to explain the negative when trying to explain the positive. People tend to relate to the negative easier (tis sad but true). Hopefully this will help. Please leave comments and use scripture to help come up with a easy to understand, yet accurate, concept for faith.

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