Mind the Gap

I like this my first read of this blog and I thought it worthwhile.

Undiluted Faith

Mind the Gap From http://www.selenatheplaces.com/2012/01/mind-gap.html

Spend any amount of time in London and you’ll find yourself trying to get around on “The Tube,” the London Underground subway
system.  Imagine – You and a friend just finished riding the London Eye and are now strolling across Westminster Bridge.  As you both admire Big Ben, your stomach growls loudly, startling your friend and letting you both know that it’s time to eat.  The downside is that you just shelled out £29.50 for your trip on the Eye and seriously cut into your meal money.  You and your friend weigh your options as you get closer to Westminster Station on the other side of the bridge.  Finally you and your friend look at each other and say in unison, “Takeaway!”  You walk into the station to take a train to Paddington.  Moving past other travelers and through the turnstyles you both make your way to the track.  Your stomach…

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