Hey all I am back

Now that my summer business season is coming to its end.  I am getting back to my writing I will have a couple of post soon.  I thank you all for checking on my site now and then.  I notice in the stats that some were.     I am really looking forward to getting some good discussions and reading some of my favorite blogs once more.

Now a bit of update as to how my summer.   I have been very busy in fact I have had more business then I had resources for I had to turn down business.   (good problem to have).  I am going to spend the winter on making it ready for more business next season.    So the business realm is doing what it is supposed to do.  God is good.

My personal life is going well had a great summer right up until about three weeks ago a tragic thing happened in my extended family at this point it is still to painful to speak about but the work God is doing is wonderful and in due time I will share.  I think that it is through times like this that life is at its strongest and it is our duty to share with others those good things that God is doing.

Well till we meet next God Bless.


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