The Hate of the Perfect

Okay here is something I was thinking on this morning.  Everybody knows no one is perfect.  Some have better lives than others and there has only been one exception.  Jesus.  He was perfect.  People hated Him.  In fact in John 15:18 it says that they hated Jesus.  When you think on this Jesus was perfect and in being so it only accentuated the imperfection in everyone else.

People do not like to be reminded how imperfect they are especially if the one reminding them is not actually reminding them but showing them by living their life perfectly.  Jesus did not go around telling people they were imperfect. (He did say things like that it was not His main stay)  He went around teaching about God the Father.

Here is my thought on this.  The closer we get to Jesus the closer we get to perfection.  People hated Jesus and they will hate us.  Again if our lives show Jesus then there is little that need be said about the sin in another’s life our living will share about what real life is and that will bread hatred in some and longing in others.  It is our job to harvest those who long and continue to live life in Jesus for everyone else.  The closer we get to that perfection the more we will be at enmity with the world.

Just a quick thought.

John 15:18 If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.


2 thoughts on “The Hate of the Perfect

  1. n8alexander

    Your thoughts on perfection strike a chord. It’s interesting that on the one hand Jesus was hated, yet sinners considered him friend. So who hated him & why.

    Those who trusted in their ability to keep the LAW for their righteousness. These were the same people who judged others by comparing them to themselves. People like the Pharisees & Sadducees didn’t just hate Jesus, they hated anyone who didn’t fit their understanding of “perfect” behavior, that is, keeping the law perfectly (which, in fact, no one could do).

    On the one hand Jesus lived a life that clearly demonstrated perfection through absolutely obeying the law of Moses in every way. This cut to the heart all who hungered to be right with a perfect God. It also angered those who “rigged” the law so they could appear perfect.

    On the other hand he demonstrated the the wonderfully attractive perfection of God’s love, which drew (& still draws) all to him because his attitude emphasised grace & truth, He loved people whether they tried to keep the law or not.

    The perfect thing is that a perfect relationship with God is based on recognizing our imperfection & trusting in His perfect love.

    1. Randall Jeremiah Post author

      I think you hit on something there. I would say it this way. Jesus was kind to those who were not religious but much harder on those who were religious. In the end they all rejected Him because to not reject Him at that time would have meant to partake in His perfection and none were able


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