Race Relations (quick note)

Sorry folks but I feel the need to make yet another quick note.

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop typing away and I see something that is common place around here but I oft forget that not that long ago in our society (in my life time) it was  not.  I think we often forget how far we have come.  I think the vision DR. King had regarding being judged not by the color of ones skin but by the content of their character is well well underway.  I know that nothing is perfect  but as I am sitting here I saw 5 girls walk in (school just got out) and two are black, one white and one Asian.  They are laughing and having a good time.  They ordered coffee and are sitting together and not one eye in the house even cared. (maybe a few ears they are loud LOL)

When I was young this would not have happened.  The fact that not only is it happening but no one cares is a feat a miracle of God and the pain and the suffering so many went through to make this possible was worth it.  Next time you see someone acting like they should not (racially) remember things are much better and the generation coming up really know nothing of what many of us lived through.   Segregation and then Desegregation the blending of the races.

The old Sunday school song comes to mind.  “Red and Yellow black and white they are all precious in His sight.”

This blessed me in a very real way so I thought I would share.  What is even more fun about this they do not even realize how great it is to see.  They are just young girls having fun and enjoying each others company with no basis for making race a part of it.  I love it.


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