Monthly Archives: July 2015


Hey Loyal readers.  I wanted to send a quick update.  This project of mine making Theology for everyday use is a large project and I am working on it little by little.  It has been a crazy few months.  My last child just left home and is not cross country.  My wife and I are experiencing the empty nest life and I am changing the first open room to  a study so that I can focus and work. I am very excited about the prospects of what can get done at the same time I am sad to have my daughter move cross country not easy to just see or visit.  I do know though that God is with her and she will succeed in her task as long as she keeps that focus.

I am posting this so that everyone knows that I have not abandon my task it has been slowed due to life but I will be continuing my work very soon.  God Bless you all.