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This site is for those who are interested in the study of God.  We (together) will work our way through Scripture to find and understand the truths of God.  There are a few basic things that we will not debate as true and those are:

The Bible is Inspired  (it is)

The Bible has no errors (it does not)

There is a Trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit

This blog is not to try to convince you to become a Christian but to spur on those who are to understand and follow God in a way they never have.  Taking theology and making it everyday so it can have the impact it should on our lives.  The arguments for God or against God are for a different forum.  Thanks for your understanding.

If you want to follow me on twitter please do so I am here https://twitter.com/RandallJeremiah

The Facebook page is here  https://www.facebook.com/kitchentabletheologians 

My name is Randall Jeremiah,  I have a degree in Biblical Literature with a focus on Biblical Languages.  I am not a theologian proper though I have studied theology all of my life.   I am doing this because I see a hole in the Christian community when it comes to doctrine and teaching that goes past the experience.



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