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Revolutionary Christian

February 20, 2015

Hey all I wanted to leave a quick note.  I am currently working on a Systematic Theology outline. Once I am done with that I will publish it.  Then I will start to write the papers that go with each piece of the outline and I will link that part of the outline to the paper.  This is why I am so long in not posting. This is a detailed piece and it takes a lot of work to do it proper.  For those who pray please keep me in your prayers.  My goal is to make Systematic Theology understandable for those who have not had theological training.


What is to come.

I am working on an outline for my systematic theology.   I am going to start with the theology of God (redundant I know) and then move on from there.   Each category will most likely be a number of pieces and should be a bit detailed.  I  will still throw in less detail pieces under different categories.  I am also going to learn how to change my blog so that it is easier to navigate and my post are put into proper categories.  Thanks for reading all.

Hey all I am back

Now that my summer business season is coming to its end.  I am getting back to my writing I will have a couple of post soon.  I thank you all for checking on my site now and then.  I notice in the stats that some were.     I am really looking forward to getting some good discussions and reading some of my favorite blogs once more.

Now a bit of update as to how my summer.   I have been very busy in fact I have had more business then I had resources for I had to turn down business.   (good problem to have).  I am going to spend the winter on making it ready for more business next season.    So the business realm is doing what it is supposed to do.  God is good.

My personal life is going well had a great summer right up until about three weeks ago a tragic thing happened in my extended family at this point it is still to painful to speak about but the work God is doing is wonderful and in due time I will share.  I think that it is through times like this that life is at its strongest and it is our duty to share with others those good things that God is doing.

Well till we meet next God Bless.

Blog Update

Hey folks sorry I have been absent a bit lately so my post are only trickling out.  I own a small business and we are now entering our busy season so I am going to be slow about getting post out.  My busy season ends in mid september and at that point I will start my work on the systematic theology piece.  In the mean time I will post random articles here and there.  If you have any request or want to learn about something in particular please let me know.

In the mean time folks I will post but it will be sporadically.  Thanks for the understanding and please stay tune for the up and coming Systematic Theology made everyday.

Mind the Gap

I like this my first read of this blog and I thought it worthwhile.

Undiluted Faith

Mind the Gap From

Spend any amount of time in London and you’ll find yourself trying to get around on “The Tube,” the London Underground subway
system.  Imagine – You and a friend just finished riding the London Eye and are now strolling across Westminster Bridge.  As you both admire Big Ben, your stomach growls loudly, startling your friend and letting you both know that it’s time to eat.  The downside is that you just shelled out £29.50 for your trip on the Eye and seriously cut into your meal money.  You and your friend weigh your options as you get closer to Westminster Station on the other side of the bridge.  Finally you and your friend look at each other and say in unison, “Takeaway!”  You walk into the station to take a train to Paddington.  Moving past other travelers and through the turnstyles you both make your way to the track.  Your stomach…

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Turning the World Upside Down

This post is a bit different then some of my others.  I have been reading Acts and this struck me.  Acts 17.6 “turning the world upside down” this raises a number of questions the first and foremost though is “Why am I not turning the world upside down?”.  This takes some deepness within to truthfully answer this.  We must examine ourselves and see where our loyalties truly stand.  Am I Christ’s?  Do I hold back?  Anything? Before I can really get into “Why am I not turning the world upside down?” We need to examine what it means to turn the world upside down.  What did the Christians do that turned the world upside down?  Well lets look at that.  They changed the world through preaching the Gospel.  As people accepted the Gospel the world changed.  It changed in dramatic ways.  Remember it was Paul who stated in Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”  WOW!!!! this is radical.  What are the implications of this message.  Think that race means nothing to God.  Social status means nothing to God.  Your sex means nothing to God.  Before God we are all on equal standing men and women are equal, rich and poor equal, black and white equal.

These are differences that humans look at.  We have built economies around these differences we have built nations around these differences we have built societies and laws and rules and many many religions around these differences. How is Christ different then all that.  He does not care about these differences they do not make us better or worse for it.  He want us.  While the early Christians preached this gospel that turned the world upside down.  Economies changed, governments changed, societies changed and most dearly religion changed.  This was radical, society was built on certain unalienable truths.  One truth man is better then women another truth my race is better then your race another truth my religion is better then your religion and my culture is better then your culture.  Think how God changed all this.  He said follow me leave the rest behind.  Follow  me treat others as better then yourself.  Selfishness is abolished.  Put others first (this was not the standard way) be a servant to all not all should serve me. These concepts these way of being are so absolutely different then what is normal or human that it rightly turned the world upside down. People were losing their businesses, their jobs, their income, their stature, their power, their way of life. They fought it they hated it and they finally gave in to God and repented of it. The world changed. The world was confronted with the Cross of Christ with sin and forgiveness and they knew. They knew they needed forgiveness. They understood they were sinners and now they found the answer. The one beggar told another beggar where to find bread. The early Christians changed the world one person at a time. They preach the unadulterated truth of grace, sin, faith and forgiveness. This struck at the heart of everyone and people had to make a decision they could not sit on a fence about it it was to in your face. The early Christians were killed for the message. Look at Stephen. Paul stood there giving his approval for Stephens death. He choose to go against God and still the message went on.

That is how the world was turned upside down. Now why am I not turning the world upside down? That is an intensely honest question! For myself I can only say that I have allowed the luxury of living get in my way. I do talk to folks and try to show Christ wherever I am but I am not turning the world upside down. I am comfortable. I am at ease. I do not move outside my circles. This limits my ability to transform the atmosphere around me. This limits my ability to touch lives that do not intersect with my own already. I must make changes.

I have. At work I now play worship music (I own my own business I get to choose what is being listened to) and this has opened up many conversation with those who are and who are not Christian. It is small. I also spend much more time in prayer while working. I have prayed for more opportunities to open up and I have tried to be available for them. I have prayed more with strangers. I have started praying while walking again. I am going back to what I did at first when I was newly on fire for God and I see God responding to this. I see doors opening and people being touched. I see lives changing including my own. I though it was going to be hard and possibly embarrassing or confrontational but in the end it has been healing for me as well as those I am touching. I have found peace in this. I have found hope in this. I have found opportunity.

I am not able to say why you have not turned the world upside down but I can say this. I know you can make small changes that lead to bigger changes and in the end the atmosphere that surrounds us will change and those who enter it will know peace and life even if they do not understand it. You can start all this by making small changes. I would love it if you could please share your stories so that others can also be encouraged. Remember Proverbs 27:17 “Iron Sharpens Iron”. It is important that we build each other up so that the Kingdom can be built.