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The Sexualization of Our Society

I am thinking of how provocative everything is.  How most movies, most TV shows, much of the advertising of any sort and even just the everyday close worn are designed to be sexual and to desensitize society to sexual morality that was set many generations ago.

Even things that are supposedly innocent such as a child’s dance program are turned sexual. You see little kids in outfits that use to be only worn in places people were embarrassed to be seen in.  We are teaching our children to throw away modesty.  It seems like our society now says it is okay to sexualize someone who is not an adult and in fact we cheer, clap, smile, give accolades upon accolades and tell them how cute they are when they are wearing clothing that is in no terms modest.  What are we building in that child’s (usually girls) subconscious?  What lessons are they learning?  That a girl is only appreciated when they do something sexual (teen pregnancy epidemic & the growth of sexual assaults).  Sensuality is flashed in front of us in one form or another all day long be it by advertising or TV or just seeing what people are wearing.

According to the CDC in 2012 they did a survey and they found that 1 in 5 women have been raped at some point in there life in contrast 1 in 71 men experienced the same. This number does not count sexual assaults.  Out of those rapes for women 12.3% were raped at the age of 10 or before while boys were 27.8% but out of the rapes for women 42.2% were perpetrated while they were under the age of 18.  These are just some of the statistics there are many more that will break your heart.  So many that I had to quit researching it because I am getting angry.

I realize that large amount of society (this includes many many Christians) does not see the sexualization of children and society as a whole as a bad thing.  They believe that throwing off the old social morays is a good thing and will bring freedom for people to live and be who they are meant to be.  They do not want Christian principles governing society they want to fantasize about anyone they want they want to look at porn be it adult or children if they want to and they want to have sex (regardless of age) with anyone they want to.  They do not want someone to say what they are doing is bad.  They even go further then that.  They want the law and society to say their sexual distortions are okay and in fact good.  They want to be a part of a society that says they are admirable and we should all do as they do.

Here is the question “Do you want to live in that society?” 

I do not.  I do not want to live in a society that sexualizes kids that are still single digits in age.  I do not want to live in a society where teachers can rape children for years and get a slap on the hand and probation then walk free.  I do not want to live in a society where unions fight for child rapist to get their pensions back after losing it for raping children.  I do not want to live in a society where sex is the center piece.  Where some of the most popular songs on the radio are about aberrant sex (such as rape, sadomasochism, the destruction of someone else and so on).  Why are these things so popular?  Why does society allow such trash as this?  Why are our kids told it is okay to have sex with anyone they want and then again with someone else?  Why does our society think that having sex with anyone they want is freedom?

I will answer this, though you may not like my answer.  Our society is a post Christian society.  A society that no longer lives by Christian morality but by morality that comes from the society itself.  The obvious problem here is when morality is set by society it will change with society.  Morality is not supposed to be something that changes it is supposed to be solid.  The reason Christian morality does not change and has not since the beginning is because God does not change.  The reason societies morality fluctuates is because people change.   People will always give into to their passions whether they are good or not.

Now before you go and tell me about someone who has not just think as a human I have given in to passions that I should not have (Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God).  I can say with all confidence that we all have given into base passions that have no value but actually detract from that which is truly valuable.

Fluctuating morality is the downfall of countless societies through out history.  Usually at the core of the fluctuation is sex.  When I say sex I do not mean sex between a husband and a wife.  I mean any other type of sex.  God is clear that any sexual experience outside of the confines of marriage  is wrong.  Any sex out side other then a man and a women is wrong.  Sex is not supposed to be public in any way.  Though in our society everything I have just stated as morality has been pushed off and now our society goes for it fully with out reservations and they say it is good.  In fact they say it is not only good but better to break the Christian morality of modesty while in public and the Christian morality of Sex only between a man and a women who are married.  The results are everywhere one goes.  On bill boards, sides of taxi’s, TV, internet and so on.  As I have stated previously even children are being brought up to show their bodies at young ages  even as young as 4 or 5.  Modesty has changed to mean anything anyone wants it to mean.

Today there is no chance for a child today to grow up and not be bombarded with sexuality being shown in a way that is not Biblical.  I realize that  that statement I just made makes some rejoice.  They think by throwing off the boundaries that God Himself set they are now God themselves. They get to make the rules and say what is right and what is wrong.  They are the ones who say to far is to far.  The issue is for them what happens when someone else where they are is not far enough?  What happens when lines become blurred as they are today.  Teachers are molesting and raping children and getting off with one year in prison and a few short years of probation.   This tells society that things are changing that children are now sexual objects to be used as one chooses.  There is not way that a 12 year old can consent to sex with an adult or any one for that matter.   They do not have the reasoning capacity to make that decision.  There are grown adults in this nation who believe it should be okay and are actively working on making it okay through judicial decree, through changing laws or any means they are able to have sex with minors of any age.

I realize that we technically state that sex with a minor is wrong but our enforcement of these laws are tepid at best.  In my home city of Portland, OR we had a mayor Sam Adams who had some sort of sexual experience with a minor boy.  He did not get evicted out of office nor did he go to jail.  I will say this that many of the gay organizations who supported him withdrew their support and even campaigned for his eviction from office. (to their credit) The problem here is society is okay some things while saying others are wrong.  Soon there will be no line where wrong is.  You can not have one minor okay to have a sexual experience with and another not.  You can change the definition of minors but once you do that it does not stop either.

Our nation is on one of the most power drugs known in history and we need to stop using cold turkey.  This drug is sexuality (power).

There is only one way to successfully stop this trend of over sexualization of society and that is to see a Christian Revival.  Laws do not work.  Speeches do not work.  Being told you are wrong does not work.  All these have been tried and failed.  God works.  When God changes ones heart there is true change.  The old ways die off and new ones are born.  We are not who we use to be we are new creations in Christ.  This allows for society to change to transform into a society that honors God and His ways.  A society that allows for righteousness and holiness that sees real value in people and especially the young, old and weak.   They are the ones most hurt by the change but soon it wont be just them it will be all the rest.  The insipidness that is the sexualization of our society will not stop till it kills off our society once and for all.  Remember what God said that all sin leads to death.

Well this is a long post.  I do hope someone reads it.  It is a rant and I am sure it was not well written.  I may edit it later.  As for now I am tired and have other things to do.   Thanks for the time to read it.